Web production matched to meet your needs

From complete redesigns to building a customer's very first Web site, we remove the complexity by communicating clearly and dispelling the mystique about Web production.

In other words, we make your Web project simple.

About us

Octopus Farm provides a variety of Web-based professional services. We specialize in Web design, Web development, and working with content management tools for businesses large and small in the greater Seattle area.

Web design—Working with you and your company to design a solution that reflects your personality and creates a meaningful experience for your customers. We work with you and your company to design your site using standards-compliant CSS and XHTML.
Web production—Our detail-oriented production methods ensure that content has been entered in a quick and accurate fashion. We work with your styleguide to make sure we adhere to your Web production standards.
Project management—We serve as your technical liaison, working with your stakeholders and your external production resources.
Digital asset managment—We work with your existing DAM solution to upload assets and maintain your metadata.

We can be contacted at info@octopusfarm.com.

Web design

Our Web design services are focused on providing you with a streamlined design process. We listen to your goals and then generate a solution that is standards compliant, loads fast and is easy for your users to navigate. We can produce sites ranging in size from an enterprise level site to your very first family blog.

We provide valid CSS, XHTML, Javascript, PHP, .ASP, Flash and SEO services.

Our core strength is in creating a clean, elegant and easy to use site that will have a long lasting modern feel.

Web production

We offer effective and economical web production services for updating content on your existing site. We can work with almost any content management system or with your raw HTML files to update your content for you.

Updates are done with a special focus on matching the style of the new content to your existing content and your site standards.

We pay attention to your internal processes. We work well with your site content editoral team as well as your stakeholders. We can work within a true staging environment or work within our own staging evironment for quality control. With all of this, we respect the web production process as a unique facet of your business.


Digital asset management

We have provided production support, administration, and user support on Interwoven's Media Bin digital asset management system. We have extensive experience working with digital assets, transformation/conversion tasks, and proper handling of Metadata. Other experience includes Microsoft SharePoint.

Project management

We can assist you with all of your technical project management needs. If your production teams are in the next building or in another country, we can be your liasion to ensure that your project is delivered within your specifications and on time.


Our projects include ongoing sub-contract work for a large Redmond based software manufacturer. We provide content production services for a branding based intranet site and manage production on a digital asset management system.

Other recent projects include:

Harbers Foundation - Charitable foundation. A Terrible Beauty - Seattle restaurants Mode Contracting - Contracting services.
South Sound Swim - Private swim instruction.

Minden Editorial - Editorial services and proofreading.

LC Sportsmaps - Northwest hunting maps.

Evolution Studios - Seattle band rehearsal studios.

Syd and Susie go to Africa—African child charity.