Mission & Vision

We’re committed to maintaining the agility and flexibility that’s only possible within a small foundation, while making a huge impact on our world through creative, strategic projects. In everything we do, we’re guided by three central pillars.


Take Action

We provide direct donations and grants to ensure immediate — and lasting — change around the planet. See examples of our work in Suriname.



We empower innovative nonprofits by helping them share the stories of their work with the donors they need, and the communities they help. By underwriting the micro-documentaries, fundraising videos and other tools crucial for nonprofits to raise money and awareness, we’re able to exponentially increase the financial impact of our own giving, while also helping those nonprofits expand the scope of their missions.

See examples of our work in Rwanda, Peru, Madagascar, and New York’s International Center for Photography.


We enable both established and up-and-coming visual storytellers to shed light on the most important issues of our time. While each project is unique, all of them educate, challenge, and inspire people to take action. See more about our Documentaries & Films.