In every country, women face a dramatically increased risk of homelessness, domestic abuse, and other forms of violence. But in Peru, the nonprofit Heifer International has spent the last decade developing an astonishing number of innovative programs to not only keep women safe, but help them become leaders and advocates for one another within their own communities.

By the time we first encountered Heifer, they were eager to expand the scope of their projects by connecting with more donors. But it takes money to raise money, which left Heifer in the Catch-22 familiar to so many nonprofits: sharing the story of their work meant diverting precious resources from the work itself.

We knew those women couldn’t afford to wait — and neither could we. So, in collaboration with Ripple Effect Images, we produced a series of short films for Heifer that they could use for donor awareness, including:

These videos became an invaluable part of Heifer’s fundraising efforts, helping them continue to expand their amazing mission across Peru, and now Latin America more broadly. But for us, it was just one more example of the fact that telling stories changes the world.

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